Affinity Wealth Advisors are independent: we are not tied to any bank, investment or insurance company. We recognize that everyone has a unique story and individual requirements, needing customized solutions. We work with you, seeking to deeply understand your situation before researching the marketplace for the products or services that provide an excellent fit with your plan.

Not all financial advisors are the same, and the quality and services they provide can differ widely. Many financial advisers can only recommend products or services from one —or a few— companies. In contrast, we believe that everyone deserves choices. So we research and consider alternative ways to implement your plan. You make the decisions.

Good quality financial planning can make such a difference in people’s lives, but of course only if the plan is put into action. That’s why we get up early, and stay up late. Helping people is why we are here, and we are continually enlightened by those we are honored to work with.